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The founder of Praying for our Pastors is Pastor Teron V. Gaddis.  Pastor Gaddis is the current pastor of Greater Bethel Church in Oklahoma City, OK.  Pastor G (as he is affectionately called) has been in the ministry for 38 years and has been pastoring at Greater Bethel for 29 years.  Pastor G is known for his biblical preaching and teaching with soul-stirring illustrations that make his Bible Studies and sermons understandable for both the young and old.  Pastor G has a heart for other pastors.  In 2014, he began the ministry, Praying for our Pastors, to encourage pastors to ‘before run with endurance the race set them’ (Hebrews 12:1). 

Praying for our Pastors Conference

Pastor G feels right at home teaching on prayer. It was no surprise that his passion for prayer and his 29 years of pastoring one church would lead him to encouraging and supporting other pastors through prayer. 

In order for pastors to preach with power, they must be undergirded by prayer. Teaching those who sit in the pew the importance of praying constantly, consistently, and continuously for their pastors is something he will do even after retiring from pastoring.

If there is to be power in the pulpit there must be prayer in the pews.


While the sheep know where to go when they need a shepherd, where does the pastor go?


No Pastor Left Behind!

Prayer Champions

Do you have a passion for prayer?

Are you a prayer warrior?

Do you love your Pastor?

Has your Pastor blessed your life spiritually?

Do you love God's Word?

If your answer is "YES" then, we need you. Join a group of men and women who pray for Pastors. 

text "pray" to 405-622-8448
Praying for our Pastors' Conference Call

We ask that you take 15 minutes out of your Saturday evening to dispatch divine assistance for Pastors who will stand the following day to preach the Gospel. 

Join us every Saturday evening at 8:00 PM CST.

dial 605-475-4700 AC 313466
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Pastoral Support

In addition to our weekly prayers for our Pastors we send them an encouraging note once a month with a small gift just to let them know they are appreciated. 

You can be a part of this ministry in one of two ways. 

You can assist by sending cards to the Pastors in your city. You can also donate monetarily towards the purchase of small. gifts of encouragement.

Email: to volunteer.

Teron V. Gaddis
Prayer Time
Oklahoma City
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